Shipping Policy

We take pride in our extensive shipping network, which covers all states within the United States, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. At Ravi’s Import Warehouse, we’ve partnered with top-notch carriers to ensure your shipments reach their destinations reliably and efficiently. Our commitment to providing exceptional service extends to offering competitive shipping/dropshipping rates, as well as a 50% discount on all tobacco* freight charges.

To ensure a smooth and cost-effective shipping experience, we kindly request that you notify us in advance if you require any additional services, such as Notified Delivery, Residential Delivery, Inside Delivery, and/or Liftgate Delivery.
Whether you’re shipping within the U.S., across the Canadian border, or to the beautiful shores of Puerto Rico, you can count on us for seamless, cost-effective, and dependable shipping solutions.

*Tobacco products must be shipped exclusively to the address indicated on the customer’s Tobacco License.​​​​​​​